Hollywood. Cinema. Dynamics. These are words associated with the production team known as InFiction.

Consisting of Dan Asma, Brett Miller and Doran Oppenheimer, InFiction is a commercially successful musical trio well regarded in the film industry as being nimble craftsmen and storytellers. Using their artistic expertise to create thrilling film trailers for the major Hollywood studios, Asma, Brett and Oppenheimer are masters at conjuring emotion through audio. This year, InFiction releases its third full-length studio album, Callisto (InFiction Music).

It’s no wonder the electronic dance music (EDM) InFiction creates resonates with such vibrant intensity as to be at-home on the silver screen. InFiction’s music takes the listener on a journey of imagination and desire. The titles of InFiction’s albums refer to the names of Jupiter’s moons; InFiction’s first album was Io, released in 2013, and the second, Europa, just after the clock struck midnight in 2014.

The music of InFiction is as sophisticated in style as it is expertly produced. The effect is muscular, sinuous, powerful and vigorous sound. If the artists themselves be somewhat an enigma, it’s their music that has reached critical mass. The InFiction Remix of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” caused an instant sensation when it was licensed for the nationally televised ad campaign for the 2014 Kia Cadenza.

To close one’s eyes and immerse oneself in InFiction’s musical landscape is to see across the multi-verse into another dimension. This is electronic music not for kids.

Films featuring music from InFiction

Wrath of the Titans,
The Darkest Hour,
The Mist,
The Last Exorcism,
Superman Returns,
The Thing,

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